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Endora is a total pro and gets the job done. She's able to manage leads, track progress, move prospects through the funnel and get calls booked on the calendar. Hiring Endora and her team has been critical to evaluating our marketing and advertising project

Melissa Roberts

Relationship Coach

Working with Endora has been a game changer for my business. You have to constantly do out reach to build your email list and get appointments and having her team do it has been a huge stress relief for my business. She is consistent, she goes above and beyond and I truly feel like she is part of my team. She wants the first appointment just as bad as I do. Endora has also helped me so much with feeling at ease and know that it's all going to happen.

Denise Hanson

Career Coach

Endora is a consummate professional with an impressive track record. Her coaching has been super useful to me. I would recommend her services very highly for anyone planning to offer a structure course or coaching program

Janet Greco

Business Consultant

Endora is super professional, easy to communicate with and really understands how to build authentic connections. It's been great working with her so far

Rachel Pearson

Business & Marketing Coach

Endora is a gem. She is very organized, knowledgeable and easy to work with. I love knowing she is taking care of things I don’t have time to do. She keeps me on track and I appreciate her flexibility and support.

Greta Ertl

Spiritual Coach

Endora came up with a strategy tailored to fit my current needs. It was great to hear her insight into what I needed to improve upon, and gave some unique suggestions that I hadn’t from other coaches. Even more interesting was to hear what she thought I was doing right, and could focus on even more. Highly recommended!

Diane Eisenstein

Declutter Coach

Office: Cologne, Germany

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