About us

We've cultivated powerful business and client acquisition tactics that have garnered a whopping 3x ROI, 400 email subscribers, 1500 social media new connections, and an impressive average of three qualified scheduled weekly calls in just six months for entrepeneurs just starting their businesses!

About Us

At LGWE, we're masters of business consulting, strategic go-to-market strategy & planning, online growth, and lead generation, all customized for your specific needs. With our deep-rooted expertise and insider knowledge in online business strategy and lead generation, we don't just understand the entrepeneural world, we live and breathe it. From pinpointing niches to crafting compelling communication with prospects and implementing the most effective marketing and client acquisition strategies, we've got you covered. Trust us to propel your business to unprecedented heights.

We are the go-to experts if you want to establish a successful online business with consistent sales so that you can grow your business, feel empowered as a leader in your market, who has a true impact in your clients' lives without having to go through the overwhelm of setting up marketing, business, and lead generation processes.

It all starts with knowing that there is an all-in-one solution not only to get your business in motion but also to get the clients lining up at your doorstep!

Meet our Founder

Endora is an award-winning Holistic Business Strategist & Coach specializing in business, social media growth, and lead generation strategies. With more than a decade of hands-on experience in sales, business development, and operations, she decided to pivot her career toward coaching.

However, it didn't take long for her to realize that her true calling was in helping fellow entrepreneurs create successful businesses.

Having amassed a wealth of knowledge in lead generation, she couldn't keep it to herself. She saw too many of her peers struggling due to a lack of sales savviness they needed to elevate their businesses. They were getting frustrated and losing sight of their passion, caught up in the endless pursuit of new clients.

As an entrepreneur herself and a lead generation expert, she is uniquely positioned to assist others in achieving their business goals.

And that's how LGWE was born.

In just three months, LGWE experienced explosive growth.

Endora realized she couldn't navigate this journey alone. What started as Lead Gen With Endora evolved to meet the evolving needs of our clients and the growth of our team. Thus, we rebranded as LGWE, embodying our commitment to providing comprehensive support to professionals on their entrepreneurial journey.

Our Team

Endora Mackrodt - Founder, Holistic Business Strategist

Diego Antonio - Adm & Finances Manager

Barbara Sofia - Client Success & Business Manager

Alexandra Montfort - Content Marketing Consultant

Tricia Lumbres - Client Success manager & Head of Operations

Our Values


We are transparent at all times, be it about pricing, how we operate, how we handle your project, conditions, engagement - you will know how we work and what's involved in the process at ALL times.


Honesty is one of our mottos - we don't set unrealistic expectations, we don't do "what it takes" to get a clinet, and we don't sugar coat situations. Be it with our team and clients, we as open as we can be.


We are all humans, we make mistakes, we have limitations, we have bounderies, sentiments, and all the package. We highly respect our client's and team's humaness, to create an environment of trust and safety.


We do our best to provide the highest quality services to our clients and we are full ears to open feedback, trying to improve, learn, and develop our processes at all times.


We are kind and respectful, we treat others the way we want to be treated.



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